SodaGift (소다기프트)
SodaGift – Send gifts to Korea in 3 minutes

SodaGift – Send gifts to Korea in 3 minutes

Need to send gifts to South Korea from overseas? Select from various gifts from gifitcons and vouchers sent straight to the recipient’s mobile or flowers and gift sets delivered straight to their doorstep.
From birthdays, anniversaries to holidays, or even for a simple pick me up – gift with SodaGift! We offer a variety of brands including Shinsegae department stores, Starbucks to flower delivery.
Send gifts to Korea. Whenever you want, wherever you are

  1. Choose your gift

    Choose the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones

  2. Select delivery method

    You can send the gift via link share (yourself) or text message. If you don’t know the phone number Select what works for you!
    *Please note that some gifts can only be delivered via text message.

  3. Complete payment

    Pay with either your debit or credit card.
    *All prices are in USD. If you are paying with a different currency actual prices may vary.

  4. Order complete

    Share the link to the gift via your preferred messaging app or if you selected text message and provided us your recipient’s phone number, the gift is delivered in real-time once we receive your payment.

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